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Dr. Lynn Darnell, AAS, MA, PHD

Dr. Lynn Darnell has over 40 years experience in non profit work, and over 15 years experience working with government grants. Dr. Darnell has her Doctorate Degree of Ministry from Rhema University, Orlando Florida, an Organizational Applied Management Degree, a Business Management Degree, and an Accounting Degree.

Dr. Darnell served as the Vice President of the Board of Directors for Agape Global Mission for 10 years, has been on the Board of Directors since 1994, and is currently the Pacific Regional Manager. She has served as Vice President and Secretary for the Bristol Area Ministerial Alliance, is the founder and president of Unity in the Community, served as the Director of Agape Biblical Institute of Learning for 2 years, served as Secretary, Vice President, and Director of Harvesters 4 Christ Forever Ministries, and Pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship for 26 years.

Dr. Darnell's work history includes the Virginia Department of Social Services in Washington County, as well as the City of Bristol, as the Job Readiness Instructor for 21 years. A.T. & S. Inc for 13 years with the Federal Job Training Partnership Act, MIS manager, eligibility, bookkeeping, and contract monitor.

Dr. Darnell served on the Board of Directors for the Bristol Crisis Center as the Finance Officer before accepting the position of Executive Director and retired from the Crisis Center in June of 2020.

iSTAND Crisis Network, Inc. is fortunate and blessed to have Dr. Lynn Darnell bring her vast knowledge, experience and faith to our team.

Board Member

Jhosette Thompson Adkins

Jhosette Thompson-Adkins is a successful business woman living in central Florida. She is a mother of 7, the co-owner of Top Dog Roofing a family business that is exploding with opportunity and sales. She is also the founder, owner and operator of Trading Faces Orlando. Jhosette founded Trading Faces Orlando as a consultant to transgender individuals who needed assistance navigating through their transitions. Jhosette worked closely with the client’s family, primary care physicians, therapists and faith community. Her work with the LGBTQ community afforded her the opportunities to meet people from every walk of life and from all over the world. She has authored books, is an event planner, and has traveled as a public speaker within the Trans community. Jhosette also has a history of work within the medical field, merchandising and ministry. She retired from Hallmark as the regional manager for Central Florida to build Top Dog Roofing and focus on other business ventures that are currently in process.

iSTAND Crisis Network is fortunate to have a business minded woman with a compassionate heart for the LGBTQ community to join our Board of Directors. Jhosette is a survivor who gets things done.

Board Member

Kristi McAllister, BSW


Kristi is an enthusiastic, reliable, competent and proficient social work practitioner with a Bachelor of Social Work from King University in Bristol, Tennessee and she has two Associate Degrees; one in Social Work and one in Sociology. Kristi has dedicated her life to advocacy and service to her community. While attending King University she was honored with the Chi Omega "STUDENT OF THE YEAR" award for "OUTSTANDING HUMANITARIAN SERVICE". She has worked as a Registered Dental Assistant, a Volunteer Coordinator, a Fitness Manager, a Teaching Assistant, and served as an Intern at The Bristol Crisis Center for 11 months. Kristi worked for the Tennessee Coalition as an Advocate for victims of Sexual Assault within the LGBTQ community, and is presently working for Frontier Health as a Crisis Triage Specialist where she performs telephone crisis intervention/triage services to individuals experiencing psychiatric emergencies. Her responsibility to the clients consist of gathering all pertinent data to make decisions of disposition based upon level of acuity and clinical need, documenting demographic/clinical data and forwarding the needed data to appropriate clinician as needed, checking electronic records for clinical record of emergency room clients seen by crisis staff and provides a copy of record if requested, conducting follow-up contacts as requested by crisis staff, is responsible for coordination of request for off-site visits and keeping coworkers informed of crisis situations per shift transfer, arranges transport as requested by crisis staff, and conducts pre-certification and reviews with managed care organizations to secure authorization for services.

Kristi's style of advocacy with a touch of panache sparks a flair for life, love and healing. Welcome to our team, Kristi!

Board Member

Amber Parks, BA

Amber Parks (she/her). Studying Psychology and Sociology at ETSU. A member of the LGBTQ+ community serving on the board of directors. She believes in implementing a positive change in the communities we serve; especially in communities that are often neglected, such as ethnic minorities, people currently in and coming out of incarceration, people dealing with depression and suicide, those experiencing sexual assault, domestic violence, and the LGBTQ+ community. 

She believes that this organization is effective in helping those that our society often forgets. iSTAND Crisis Network, Inc is proud to welcome, Amber onto the Board of Directors. 

Board Member

Breanna Duff, BA, MA

Breanna graduated from East Tennessee State University on May of 2019 with a Bachelors Degree in Human Services. During her undergraduate studies, she was able to land an internship with the staff at their previous crisis agency. After her internship, she was hired by the Executive Director of the crisis agency to answer the local suicide hotline. She recently worked for the Bristol Virginia Department of social services in the foster care unit. She is now an adult case manager in adult recovery services for Highlands Community Services. She is currently studying criminal justice in criminology at East Tennessee State University. She will begin her PhD program in clinical psychology starting fall 2021. 

Breanna is a certified wedding planner and the founder, owner, and operator of "Beloved Designs by Breanna", a luxurious wedding planning business.

iSTAND is blessed to have Breanna on our team!