iStand Crisis Network, Inc.

You don't have to stand alone‚Äč.

Advocates standing with victims of trauma.

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If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, have experienced trauma, a victim of sexual assault, neglect or date rape contact our trained, empathetic, and passionate advocates. We are standing with you!


Offering Hope and Healing

iSTAND Crisis Network, Inc. pledges to stand with victims until their peace has been restored. Having done all, we will STAND with you.

What our clients are saying:

At the strong suggestion of my counselor, I went to the Sexual Assault Survivors Support Group with no intention of going back. I sat in the room shaking, numb, and ready to run out of there. The iSTAND facilitator began talking about a pain the heals, comparing it to an infected wound that a physician has to open in order to get the infection out so that healing can begin. That was 3 years ago and I am still attending weekly support group meetings with the same facilitator. 

I was sexually assaulted on my college campus. The facilitator challenged me to give them one year of weekly support group meetings for victims of sexual assault. After one year with the peer led support group I went from a victim to a survivor, a survivor to a conqueror, and a conqueror to an avenger. I am more than a conqueror, I am an AVENGER. 

I called the suicide hotline with every intention of killing myself; I just didn't want to die alone. I had taken several bottles of pills, and had a gun to my head. The suicide interventionist stayed with me on the phone for over 2 hours while the crisis team communicated with the local sheriff's office to try to find me before it was too late. They offered support and kept me talking until the pills took effect and I unknowingly let out tiny bits of information for them to find me. I lost consciousness after cutting my throat, but thank God the advocates located me and sent help. The team that is now iSTAND Crisis Network saved me. They literally saved my life.